26 October 2010

Recipe Notes

Gnocchi Tasty:
(butternut and blue cheese sauce)

1 pack gnocchi
1 tub creme fraiche
1 wedge blue cheese
1 small butternut

Steam your buttenut till soft and scoop out. Add some butter, salt and pepper to taste. Or cook less and cube if you would prefer it to be firmer.

Throw gnocchi into boiling water till they float.

Heat your pan and add your creme fraiche, crumble in blue cheese and mix till smooth and cheesy.

I like to add a splash of olive oil to my gnocchi. Top with butternut, then blue cheese sauce.

23 October 2010

Must Love Kittens!

This is our new baby. 

 She's all kinds of crazy, but mostly she's a gorgeous girl. 

22 October 2010

October Blues

I can't believe its our 1 year wedding anniversary at the end of this month! This time last year I was running around, stressing, wishing it would "all just be over already!" And now, now I'm a little sad I don't have my wedding to look forward to this month. But I do have an anniversary :) I am sure we will do something lovely!

 Rock n Roll Bride is awesome wedding inspiration. Le sigh.

             Image Credit: Rock n Roll Bride                                               Kat Williams                                                                 

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