18 October 2011

Recipe Notes

I was in the mood for these Woolies pork rib burgers, but I was sick of bread, so I thought I'd try it in a wrap. It's a quick, easy and yummy supper idea, and better in this hot weather we're having.

14 October 2011

12 October 2011

Spontaneous Wandering

Pat and I decided to go for a walk in our area, on Sunday, and take some pictures.
When we heard the train arriving, we decided to hop on and head to St James. St James beach was absolutely packed with families trying to cool off, I'm surprised how hot it's been for October already.

I've been wanting to check out the Octopus Garden, so we popped in there first for a drink. I really love the d├ęcor, and it's so conveniently located right at the station. 

Octopus Garden, St James

After a drink to cool down, we took a stroll to Kalk Bay - one of my favourite places. We had a late lunch of prawns and ribs at Outspan, and had a quick look at one of the markets before we left for home. 

Kalk Bay, Outspan - Queen prawns

23 September 2011

I like am loving this video! I confess, I have watched it at least 100 times.

20 September 2011

Whale Tales

Patrick and I had the most beautiful weekend getaway, in Hermanus, with friends.  Having never seen whales before; I was super excited to have a break in a town known for it's whale wildlife, thanks to my awesome girl friend.

We arrived at about 16:30 on Friday evening, settled nicely into our accommodation and enjoyed a good 'ol braai. After a few rounds of drinks, a failed attempt at (Junior)Trivial Pursuit, toasted marshmallows over the fire and glow stick experiments in fire, we headed down to the lagoon's jetty for more play time.  Then bed.

On Saturday we took a drive into the town, ready for some whale spotting. We were very lucky with the weather which, contrary to the weather report, was amazingly warm, sunny and windless. We started off at "Gearing Point" and saw some splashes in the distance, but Mr Whale wasn't in the mood for a display.

We then took a bit of a walk around, through the market and along the cliff-top, when I spotted a sign that piqued my interest, saying Bientings Cave Sea World. Upon closer inspection, we discovered it was a restaurant on the cliffs (I will be sure to try it out next time), but then something else caught our eyes. Whales!!! One. Two? Three?! So amazing!

On our way back to the house we stopped at a little beach, and were fortunate enough to catch more whale sightings. Although a bit further from our sights than the last, these guys were really making a show of it.

Saturday night we had more yummy braaing, drinking, glowing, friend time. Very important scientific night sky observations, and even some light painting. :)

Sunday we woke up to miserable weather, which continued all the way back to Cape Town, but it was very welcome once we were snuggled up at home.

All in all, a weekend of beauty and happiness to remember. I feel blessed.

15 September 2011

What I'm listening to...

Today's Tracklist. 

Charlotte Martin - The Dance
Band of Skulls - Honest
Incubus - Isadore
The Dead Weather - Bone House
Foo Fighters - Arlandria
Ultraspank - Five
The Spindle Sect - Numnimah
†††(Crosses) - Bermuda Locke†

07 September 2011


So, I've recently found out that one of my favourite artists is coming to SA in November! It really is something special, since I've loved her quirky, unconventional, beautiful music for many many years.

08 August 2011


Being National Women's Day tomorrow, I would like to acknowledge a few of the women in music that I admire. 

"I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music."~ George Eliot

27 July 2011

Memories of youth

             Natalie Portman in The Professional
I really wanted that Natalie Portman haircut when I was a kid. I still do. 

14 July 2011

11 July 2011

Music Monday


This is a five piece band from Manchester whose music I only recently discovered, and absolutely enjoy. However, upon opening their webpage, I find that they have split up as of February this year. I’m bleak about it, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to what they have already produced.

I’ve been hooked on Effloresce, their first full album. My ears cannot help but devour every morsel. The instrumentals are interesting and emotional, and tie in beautifully with the vocals, of Mike Vennart, that are smooth and passionate, with a bit of that grungy tone that I love.

Their second album, Everyone into Position, seems to be more focused on instrumental experimentation; on most of the songs. Although I need to sit with it a bit more, I really appreciate what I’ve heard so far.

There’s nothing like music that makes you feel emotion from your core. This band does that for me, and I will continue to explore the last two albums as well. 

07 July 2011

What I'm listening to...

Today's Tracklist. 

Iron & Wine - Boy with a Coin
Oceansize - You Wish
Kidneythieves - Black Bullet

Scars on Broadway - Kill Each Other/Live Forever
The Mars Volta - Ilyena
One Day as a Lion - Wild International

27 June 2011



My favourite band of all time. Needless to say I am so, over-the-moon, excited for the release of their new album, 'If Not Now, When?' on the 12th of July!
Their pre-released singles are Adolescents and Promises, Promises, for which they have also released videos.

These guys are doing amazing things for the fans. They have set up IncubusHQ, which keeps you up to date with the latest touring information via posts, calendars and video briefings held by their manager, Steve (Renman) Rennie, with whom you can interact via the sites chat platform. It's basically an Incubus(fan) exclusive social networking site, complete with groups and personal profile pages. One word - Awesome.

I cannot wait for the day I get to see them live...until then I have their beautiful albums to tide me over.

17 March 2011


Sunday Braai - Seared Tuna starter *YUM*

Friends' Wedding ~ Happiness


24 February 2011

I'm on a boat!

I went on a sunset cruise on Tuesday.

I could definitely get used to this...


22 February 2011

Procrastination is my game

Ok, so it's not Monday, but Tuesday is fine too. I am a procrastinator, I spend more time planning to do things and making lists than actually doing, in fact, I think I plan on the procrastinating too. *Sigh*

This is what I got up to on Friday night...


What a show! It was visually mind-blowing and such an experience, even from the cheap seats. ;)

17 February 2011

Back to the Future

I've been terribly slack with this whole blog thing, but I'm back. It is a new year, with new goals and inspiration to share.
I always get quite anxious around this time of year. I can't quite pin it down to one reason; maybe it's because it's summer time and there's so much going on. I don't know.

I have lot's of creative projects I'd like to work on in the coming month's.
First, I'm helping to plan a Bachelorette party for a friend, so tonight I start making top hat fascinators for the occasion.

Some images of what I've been up to this year so far...

Sunday loving

A perfect Saturday afternoon

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