27 June 2011



My favourite band of all time. Needless to say I am so, over-the-moon, excited for the release of their new album, 'If Not Now, When?' on the 12th of July!
Their pre-released singles are Adolescents and Promises, Promises, for which they have also released videos.

These guys are doing amazing things for the fans. They have set up IncubusHQ, which keeps you up to date with the latest touring information via posts, calendars and video briefings held by their manager, Steve (Renman) Rennie, with whom you can interact via the sites chat platform. It's basically an Incubus(fan) exclusive social networking site, complete with groups and personal profile pages. One word - Awesome.

I cannot wait for the day I get to see them live...until then I have their beautiful albums to tide me over.

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